Welcome to Pipe Coil Dynamics Ltd

Welcome to Pipe Coil Dynamics Ltd, technology leaders in coiling equipment for HDPE, PEX and polybutylene pipe.

Based in Newcastle-upon Tyne, United Kingdom, the company was formed in 2016 by two engineers, Dr Joe Robinson and Tommy Lau, who have a combined 40 years of experience in the design, supply and support of plastic pipe coiling machines.

Having initially focused on providing after sales support to customers operating machines manufactured by Pipe Coil Technology Ltd (PCT), the company has expanded over the past four years into the supply of new equipment and now offers semi-automatic and fully automatic machine ranges to manufacturers of HDPE, PEX and PB pipe, as well as continuing to offer upgrade paths and after sales support for machines manufactured by PCT.

We are customer focused in everything we do, whether that be designing a bespoke machine to meet your unique requirement, or getting that urgent spare part on site as soon as possible, or remotely connecting to your machine within a few hours to diagnose a problem, we always do our utmost to meet our customer's requirements.

Our engineering philosophy of combining innovative` ideas with heavy duty mechanical design and the latest technology in control systems results in technically advanced, highly reliable machines, designed to give many years of service.

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